To A Friend

You may be lost right now. You may be sitting on the side of the road thinking about how life has changed you and how much you want everything to end. Or you may be awake at 2am wondering how someone could love you so deep and in just a fearful  moment fall for someone else. Or you may be intoxicated with the feelings of anger and loneliness than the alcohol volume you have taken. You feel like your arms are not yours anymore because they used to be the comforts he comes home to after a tiring day. Now, they are just mere flesh and bones you fail to recognize. You are stuck in one corner just watching everything pass by. And there are too many questions in your head right now and they seem to be unanswerable. These questions… they haunt you. They are like vines with thorns that wrap your heart.

My friend, the world is a tough place to live in. Like the Big Bang Theory, there are explosions that can happen inside of us. There could be an Ice Age era inside our hearts. And like the universe there are things that we will never fully know. There are things that we will really never know. And even if we know every reason behind every heartache, it would not ease the pain.

But my friend, remember, the world still revolves and rotates. We may not know it and we may not feel it but for sure we are moving. Moving on may not be so easy as what they make it look like in movies. There might be no chances, neither a one more nor  a second. There might not be an answer for all your questions right now or in the coming days. But stay strong. After all of this, believe that slowly you will recognize your arms again without his skin against them. Believe that there will be one day when you won’t even have to intoxicate yourself to fall asleep without thinking of all your memories together. Believe that one day… you won’t even dream and look forward to being with him again. Believe that you will be okay. No matter how long it will take, believe.